The Arts Society Bath Church Recording

Over the centuries religion has attracted gifts and inspired the finest craftsmen leaving a legacy of sometimes unknown richness. Since 1973 groups of  The Art Society members have been recording the contents of churches and chapels throughout the United Kingdom.

As part of our society, a Church Recording Group did excellent work some years ago, and we have recently been tasked with completing the photographic recording of monuments and artifacts at St. Swithins Church, Walcot, Bath. St. Swithins was built in the last quarter of the 18th Century and features a wealth of interesting historical information about the last resting place of the great and good who came to take the Bath waters. Jane Austen’s father, the Reverend George Austen is buried in the churchyard.

We completed the task of photographing the contents of the ground floor of the church and we were pleased to present two bound volumes of the completed Record which will be kept at the church and will be invaluable to researchers.

Church recording groups have been an integral part of The Art Society and great pleasure has been derived from unearthing long forgotten treasures often hidden in dark corners.